Technology Driven Agriculture

CCR’s AI-enabled agri-intelligence solution deploys advanced techniques to create and maintain an ideal crop-yielding environment for enhanced production with minimal resource utilisation. Its robust data monitoring and analysis allows the farmers to optimally track the plants’ growth cycle and their surrounding environment in real-time.

Conforming to Climate Change

The solution utilises multiple technologies to develop and execute farming operations that automatically adapt to the transitioning external conditions. It helps create a balance between plant growth, climate conditions and resource consumption.

Deploying Adaptation Intelligence for Holistic Monitoring & Management



Water Bodies

Campuses & Industries

Urban Agriculture


Real-Time Data and Intelligent Insights

CCR through its real-time data collection, AI algorithms and real intelligence combines agricultural know-how with accurate insights for correct and timely action. The solution brings a new level of predictability to farming.

Effortless Farm Management

CCR’s Agri Intelligence solution streamlines farm asset management. Its agriculture accounting ability, easy-to-use interface, advanced analytic tools and risk identification capabilities help overcome agricultural challenges and ensure a healthy harvest.

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Why CCR's Agri Intelligence

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