Effortlessly Manage your ESG Goals with CCR's ESG Intelligence

CCR’s advanced ESG management platform offers a no-code approach to effectively enhance the organisation’s sustainability journey and provide the correct tools to automate the monitoring, analysis and reporting of its ESG data in real-time.

Collect, Analyse and Evaluate Your ESG Data

The advanced platform’s real-time data collection and analysis paired with its hybrid intelligence combining AI algorithms with human intelligence offers knowledgeable insights and relevant advisory for informed decision-making and analytics-based value creation.

Deploying Adaptation Intelligence for Holistic Monitoring & Management



Water Bodies

Campuses & Industries

Urban Agriculture


Real-Time Data and Analysis

The interactive interface integrates multiple parameters to track and analyse all essential ESG metrics in real-time. It offers individual dashboards for each of the essential ESG metrics to offer detailed insights through easy-to-understand visualisations and simplifies the configuration and calculation of these metrics, aligning all data with the latest GHG accounting standards and ESG reporting frameworks.

Framework Compliant Reports

CCR’s ESG Intelligence solution streamlines your organisation’s ESG reporting ensuring all generated reports align with the essential sustainability standards such as GRI, CDP, TCFD, BRSR and more. The system offers customised reports distinct to the department and ESG indicators.

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Why CCR's ESG Intelligence

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