Integrated autonomous approach

CCR’s advanced platform leverages the power of AI and combines it with a myriad of smart technologies and comprehensive analysis to offer ground-breaking building optimization. The platform enables transparency across all aspects and automates facility management for optimized operations and resource utilisation.

Transparency and Control throughout the Facility

CCR’s integrated platform brings together all aspects of building management onto a single interface allowing transparency across all streams through access to real-time reliable data across utilities, assets and other elements in easy-to-understand visualisations.

Deploying Adaptation Intelligence for Holistic Monitoring & Management



Water Bodies

Campuses & Industries

Urban Agriculture


Monitoring, Maintaining and Repairing

The system deploys innovative technologies to offer actionable insights for timely action and informed decision-making. CCR offers detailed reports in-line with most major frameworks thus ensuring accurate, reliable and appropriately structured reports.

Emission Hotspot Identification and Reduction

The platform offers detailed insights into the building’s Scope 1,2 and 3 emissions, delivering a complete profile of its overall emissions while also highlighting emission hotspots and providing informational insights and advisory to reduce it.

Why CCR's Building Intelligence

Now discover various visualisations, functions, modules & options through CCR’s Adaptation Intelligence Solution Carbon

Now discover various visualisations, functions, modules & options through CCR’s Spatial Intelligence Solution Carbon

Why CCR's ESG Intelligence

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