Life on earth is driven by energy; for each and every activity we consume energy. But the exhaustion of fossil fuels, which supply three quarters of this energy, is not far off; the human lives without energy would get wayward. This made us consider energy related concerns seriously.

Another thing, burning of fossil fuels have created a big mess in the environment, causing climate change problems. To save the environment, it demands to go for clean energy sources.

At this time, everyone is concerned about the energy thing; the governments around the globe have put the norms to control the situations and respond to climate change problems. All the organizations and businesses are striving to get insights of their energy usage to enhance sustainability standards and comply with government norms and regulations. The energy impact on human lifestyle affects the businesses economically, socially and environmentally.

CCR is working since years to provide end to end consultancy solutions to the energy related concerns of the clients, so that the businesses would have the optimum energy as per requirements with benefits over their social, economical and environmental factors.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is well recognized as one of the most cost-effective way to improve overall energy performance of the company. With rising energy cost, businesses need to improve their energy efficiency and reduce energy costs to increase productivity and competitiveness. It can be achieved through a planned approach by identifying the energy saving opportunities, evaluating and finally implementing in a cost-effective manner. A systematic ‘whole of business’ approach needs to be adopted to achieve significant improvement in the overall energy efficiency.
CCR offers a full range of technical and business advice for organizations to enable them to conduct their energy assessments and successfully achieve the company’s specific energy efficiency objectives, including: –

  • Developing a strategy and policy documentation;
  • Energy management plan;
  • Communication plan;
  • Implementation of energy management plan, energy data collection, analysis and monitoring;
  • Detailed investigation of ‘whole of business’ energy management approach;
  • Facilitating energy efficiency opportunities workshops to identify possible energy saving opportunities and business case analysis of identified opportunities;
  • Implementation, monitoring and reporting of energy efficiency related projects; and
  • Training and capacity building

CCR also provide services for companies to develop procedures and documentation to achieve certification under the ISO 50001 – energy management systems standard, including independent assessment services to ensure companies are compliant to the relevant energy management certification.
Through its experienced team of professionals CCR has been providing energy efficiency services for more than 15 years to assist companies to realize operational energy cost savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. We provide strategic and practical advice to corporations across a range of industry sectors.

Renewable Energy

Conventional energy resources are exploiting at a high rate and the burning of these resources have resulted into global warming and greenhouse gas concerns. The world has moved further to adopt renewable energy systems as clean and abundant sources of energy. Most of these are used to convert renewable energy to the electricity. CCR provides end to end consulting for installation of renewable energy projects. Our expertise professionals with vast experience and quality knowledge in this field, help the clients to install and run the renewable energy projects at the best efficiency levels.

We have helped many and further moving to help more and more clients to implement their renewable energy projects in the most effective way, based on their own constraints.

Energy Procurement

Energy procurement is a complex term for the organizations having huge amount of energy requirements. There are several terms associated with the energy procurement that affect the economical constraints of the procurement as contract mechanisms, energy requirements. Available options of energy suppliers etc. which are needed to be assessed to find out the integral solution which would give out the most benefits.

At CCR, we help our clients in all these concerns to get the best deal at much cheaper rates, while ensuring the quality and quantity of the energy being procured, matches the actual requirements.