Eco Efficiency

Ashburton North Strategic Industrial Area (ANSIA) - Industrial Ecology component of Stage 1B Statutory Planning Services
Client: LandCorp

In October 2009 the State Government endorsed the commencement of investigations to create a Strategic Industrial Area (SIA) at Ashburton North to cater for proposed Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) and domestic gas processing, as well as promoting related downstream opportunities. The Industrial Ecology element of the larger Stage B statutory planning process examined the potential for gas processing and other related industries to operate as closed loop systems. This study undertaken by CCR was a precursor to traditional land use planning and examined in detail physical and operational orientation of industries, linked input and output supply chains and thereby optimised opportunities for industries to work together. The resultant strategy informed the Development Plan. Based on the industrial ecology strategy a concept plan was prepared which was a diagrammatic representation explaining design philosophies and provided indicative footprints for major development components. The concept plan interpreted key industrial ecology outcomes.